Building Closure

For preparation for the storm, we will be closing our doors at 8pm tonight. We will be powering down all major systems (except email). Please power down your computers before you leave tonight. Turn off all lights, space heaters, fans, etc. Depending on the weather overnight, the plan is to have the first response team here around 7am to assess whether we have power and are able to continue business as usual.  If we have power and the weather is safe to travel outside, we will be open for business by 9am tomorrow morning. If not, we will do our best to communicate with the team leaders and they will reach out to you individually. In addition, we will be posting updates, if possible, on the following sites:

PHE Facebook

PHE Blog


Or Call:

PHE status line Phone #: 919-229-9172

Main phone number –  919-644-8100 -if you call this and it rings busy we don’t have power